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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Towel Me Off

This morning David asked me if I heard that - I said heard what, he said the grass growing..... it finally stopped raining although according to Channel 12 News we are experiencing thunderstorms - sigh. They need to come out of the basement. Which brings me to the subject - My Magic 8 Ball. I was using it to predict the weather this morning (I told David it's pretty much the same as watching the Crack Weather Team except I probably had a better chance of being right) and I am thinking doing a little experiment starting Monday - if you have a Magic 8 Ball feel free to play along - I'm going to write down the 7 day forecast and then will use the 8 Ball daily to see if that's what they're doing down at the studio. I'm thinking they are because this morning when I asked the Magic 8 Ball if it was going to stop raining it said "Reply hazy, try again later" - sort of the 50% chance of rain namby pamby you get off the news. Anyhoo, since David didn't pay any attention to the dire weather reports he came home early and spent the afternoon mowing the Jungle. The temps shot up to the 90's and I got to swim in my pool for the first time this season! Miss Pants also went swimming, she just kind of bounces in when she gets hot and bounces right back out to chase birds since she all cooled off. Yes, she is a little spoiled, thank you for asking.

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