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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Rest For The Weary

Sleep is a rare thing these days, between work, stress and more stress. I seem to sleep every other night, I think I get that sleep just from sheer exhaustion. The other cause is  by Strangers In The Night - his name is DJ, he drinks and he seems to have accidently put David's cell phone on speed dial. We got another call from him (honestly, doesn't he work??) around 1:30 am just to let us know he was around. Whoo hoo. I very politely told him he had a wrong number, but everytime I said that he would pause and then say "but this is DJ man". I am sure he'll be pondering it all week in his alcohol induced haze. He also likes to text David to see wat's up dawg. Then the previous night we were awakened by an air freshener that David had bought but hadn't realized it had a free night light that chose to come alive around 3 am - I thought I had fallen asleep on a landing strip. The whole room lit up like Las Vegas, it was quite a night light. And earlier in the evening we noticed the central air wasn't working so well - we checked and it was 80 degrees with it running on high. So David called a friend of his that told him to check the line and see if there was ice on it. It seems if it's very humid that can happen and it blocks the air - he checked, there was, so we had to turn off the air last night to let the ice melt which of course is only a little more conducive to sleeping that DJ. I know all of this will settle down but it's just too much at once.

Channel 12 Weather - Very Sunny, mid 80's

Magic 8 Ball - Yes

what it did - it was very sunny

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