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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

House For Sale

I had to run home yesterday so we could meet with the RE around 4pm. So no lunch and I just raced from house to house yesterday - this on pretty much no sleep from the night before due to a phone call from someone who was very sorry the next day for making the phone call in the first place. But as anyone knows, if you get a phone call at night despite the fact it's not that serious it will keep you up and then you spend the next day wondering why you wasted your time worrying about it into the night. Anyhoo, I got home and then had to sit through a couple of hours of papersigning and going over what we have - and what we don't plus a slow tour of the entire house. We'll be cleaning this weekend, with Jackson's graduation and us working all the time not much gets done around here except the pool and the lawn most days. I got a letter from Adam the other day and he is doing much better than he thought he would be and he sounds happy to be on the carrier after all.

Channel 12 Weather for today - sunny with a 60% chance of thunderstorms

Magic 8 Ball - Without a Doubt

what happened: overcast,sun came out with a sunshower


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