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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Been A Slow Week.

Honestly, nothing at all has happened for the past week. We had more lookers early in the week but no one for the past two days, David continues to finish up the big projects in the house and I've just been working steadily. Jackson is in Gastonia with his friend Josh until the 15th, Adam is past his I Hate Norfolk Viriginia phase and the pets are all status quo with the exception of Vincent. He's developed a few little bald patches on his neck and they're not going away so he will be making a trip to the vet on Saturday. I'm oncall this weekend and then plan to put in my resignation next week. I'll probably lose my last vacation day but I've gone back and forth over the latest Evil Plan and it seems to be the only one that will work. David and I are busy hashing out our next move and we actually have a little bit of a plan this time which is a bit of a novelty for us. I've got to take a CPR course in the near future - I actually took it for work but I have a sneaking suspicion that since I'm leaving they'll keep the card, they can be like that you know. It's raining again today, we went about 3 days without and I've super enjoying the pool and of course I added a bit of water to it yesterday so it should be overflowing by this afternoon. I'm getting to the home stretch on the baby blanket I'm knitting thank goodness! That took forever, didn't it?

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