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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking Is Free

I can't complain, it would be scarier if no one was looking, but with the rain we generally go for a ride when the RE comes with clients, it's just easier on everyone. A lot of people bring thier kids and Pearl has NO interest in hostessing them, David rescued her from one yesterday chasing her with a stick while his brother was off in the backyard beating something with a bat he'd brought with him. And to add to it, with all the rain the grass is growing unbelievably fast, everytime it rains David says in a rather pained voice "Oh good, we needed MORE rain!", we are leaving the mowers as given the way he's been ranting we will probably have cement yard at  the next house and we'll just paint it green. So when the RE came last night we went to the grocery store, I sat in the truck with Miss Pants and did paperwork and David did the shopping. Pearl whined the whole time which was uber-annoying and she still got a cheeseburger from Burger King even though she didn't deserve it. As far as work goes I'm sticking with the game plan, I think that will work best. It's just that work is so busy now and at home there's so much to do. I'm starting to look at what can be packed long term if need be, what we can get rid of, etc... I think I might be getting rid of the art deco bedroom set as we will be moving into smaller digs eventually (hopefully) - I was peering at Jackson's furniture but that would just be mean. And I suppose I should start packing up the yarn - I should also stop buying it I suppose but since I've discovered the yarn bin at Big Lots, well, that's near to impossible..... you would be surprised at how hard it is to sneak 13 skeins of Paton Bohemien in the house.....

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