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Friday, June 20, 2008


David's friend Tommy liked Pearl so much he went and got himself a Vizla awhile ago, he has a puppy named Gypsy and she's almost 3 months old now. David has chopped a lot of wood clearing the acre so yesterday Tommy and his dad Cecil (David's friend's with him too) came over to get some of the wood and for Gypsy to play with Pearl. Pearl was a bit taken aback, but as you can see from the pictures, got into the spirit of things and the two of them spent the afternoon racing around and roughhousing. Pearl by the way will be recieving a paycut this week. The RE was coming at 11 yesterday so David went to Lowes and got back around 10:45 - and they were already here. David asked if they'd been waiting long and the agent said no - they'd been an hour early and had already been through the house!! She told David Pearl was great - "no trouble at all" - I believe we will be taking 'watchdog" off of her resume...... I am so glad it's Friday, I'm absolutely crapped out and it shows. I'm trying not to fly off the handle over every little thing but I'm so tweaked all of the time EVERYTHING is a major event at this point. I look and think I should at least start packing things up, but then what if the house doesn't sell for a year and I spend it digging though boxes? What if I jinx it? The agents have been very positive, especially the ones that were here the last time it sold - the one yesterday David said couldn't get over the difference in the house, she told David the last time it had been sold it looked like a bad rental - I didn't realize that ALL the bedrooms had been painted that hideous cobalt blue, but David said that explained all the painting they'd been doing. Eww.


magran42 said...

Personally I'd wait to's no fun living out of boxes.

mosie1944 said...

Don't pack a minute sooner than you have to.

Pearl is thinking, "Oh, look... it's a mini-me!"