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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Living The Mystery

While sitting in the yard yesterday I could hear the two boys in the backyard below. One of our neighbors is selling her place and her boyfriend was there with his two young teenage boys cleaning up the yard. The two were having an arguement and then I could hear one very loudly daring the other to do it, he was a big chicken, go ahead I DARE you, ha! I knew you couldn't do it you big baby... then came the most resounding WHACK I've ever heard as apparently boy #2 could do it. This was immediately followed by the kind of shrieking I would do if I found a wolverine hiding under my pillow as boy #1 had actually been daring boy #2 - to hit him with a rake. I know this because as soon as the shrieking started the parent of the two started yelling as to what the aforementioned shrieking was caused by and boy #1 started yelling HE HIT ME WITH A RAKE!, boy #2 in his own defense loudly proclaimed he had done it because boy #1 has requested it and then the father very loudly asked Why they were both doing such a stupid thing. That made me laugh because I know for a fact that father was looking at two blank faces - when my boys used to do things like that we would ask them WHY and they would never know. Adam for instance could never figure out what prompted him to use an electric shoe polisher on his hair prompting me to whisk him off to my salon in Bridgehampton so my hairdresser and I could remove it (this was immediately followed by a very short haircut.....). Jackson could never answer that question after he decided to play Blindman's Bluff on the edge of the bulkheading, he shut his eyes, spun around and then stepped into thin air falling about 6 feet - that was about 10 stitches to the ball of his foot and me grateful he hadn't been hurt any worse. Looking back I can see there are some things I really do not miss....

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