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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't Burn Those Bridges Quite Yet....

Well, the RE is definately coming next week and they seem pretty excited about our house going on the market. They even seem to think they can get more than we thought we could which makes me pretty excited. However, given the housing market these days anything could happen which puts me between a rock and a hard place employment wise. However (don't you love that word "however" -is so very useful, especially if you're me and you are forever hitting a fork in the road...), David has pointed out it's a good time to work towards what I really want to do and we can maybe work - slightly more important - work towards where we want to be. We're currently having Pre-Seller's Remorse as we both love our house but realize we would love it more if we had Staff or at least a couple of Underlings hanging about. As it is we spend most of our free time (and more of it since our Free Help is currently hiding out in NY) trying to maintain the huge swimming pool, the 6 acres of yard and the house while working full time. David's said he loves sitting out under the shade trees reading the paper but the joy of that is mitigated by the fact he will be mowing the lawn the next day. My job is getting stinkier but I wonder if it's because I've decided it's the Worst Job In The Universe and I'm looking for an excuse to sling my resignation in the boss's office as I ride off into the sunset.  When you reach that point in your job even the little things that just sort of annoyed you become Major Catastrophes and you find yourself fussing and fuming over something, that if you stepped back, took a deep breath and looked at it calmly, wouldn't have been such a big deal the month before. And I hate feeling like that, snapping over silly little things, anwering my phone with a sigh even before I know what the person wants. It's hard to break past that and I don't want my attitude to affect the other people I work with (did you ever notice that when one person quits the others follow like ducks?) - I don't think my job changed, I think I did.

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