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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wet And Wild

I took the pool pictures on Sunday, the last  day we ever expect to see the sun. The rain has been unrelenting - I've gone through all my Shock just trying to keep up with the rain water in the pool - and given there was a frog in it this morning, I don't think I'm winning. They're predicting rain for the entire week, I might need to get the Magic 8 Ball out. I guess we'll see how the septic system holds up, there's another big sigh for you. It was just a small repair but getting someone up here to dig the trench has been a forced march. So after several months the guy comes up with the trench digger and  a bull dozer to move the gravel - around the same time the RE was coming with potential buyers, sigh sigh sigh. Nothing says Buy Me like heavy machinery in the yard. Digging. But David has finished up quite a bit this week and the house looks really good - even the RE was impressed. I'm still working on that baby blanket, I'm almost done with the third row of houses and then it's a row of trees, the edges and I'm done. I am a little less stressed out, but my job is fixing that - the driving has been miserable lately since I'm still the sole employee with dual licenses so I get to be the only one that has to cover both states. I was told the other nurse will be getting his PA license but I've been listening to that story for the past 3 years and have yet to see it happen. But you can ignore the whining - you know how it is when you decide you need to leave. And I am so on the fence about it still, but I know this is the best plan. If I work per-diem I can go look at other areas, working full time it's impossible. If I was  working in a facility it might be different but when you drive for a living, the idea of driving a few hundred miles on the weekend and then coming back and getting in the car first thing Monday morning is overwhelming to say the least.

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