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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lookie- Loos

Well, the listing come out yesterday - and David got his first call. We hadn't thought through what we are going to do when the house is shown. No one likes the owners around when they're looking at the house, I do remember when we were looking and you always feel so self concious when the people are there. The owners are trying to gauge if you like it and if you don't there is an air of disappointment following you out the door. It was a competing agency showing the house yesterday so they came at 4:30 to do a walkthrough so Pearl did get to Hostess a little, but we took the Hostess for a ride when the potential came to look at the house. The RE is showing the house again today at noon and he also said the appointment from last night would like to schedule another walkthrough. It's so hard to gauge in this market what the house will do, although our proximity to town will help with selling it. I spoke to Susan at work about the master plan, I have no intentions of sneaking about or waiting until the last minute, for the most part Interim has been very good to me and there's very few jobs that there aren't some issues cropping up here and there. If the house hasn't sold by August I plan to work per-diem until I figure out what I want to do - if it looks like we'll be here for the long haul I'll look for something around here. I am squabbling with David a little bit these days, I'm very stressed as I'm not a good with change and at the moment there is very little in my life that is not standing on the edge of the proverbial cliff waiting to jump into the great unknown.

Today's Forecast: Scattered clouds with thunderstorms later in the day

Magic 8 Ball - Yes Definately

What It Did - poured starting around 10 am some thunderstorms, cleared up around 3

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