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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy Bees

The job is interesting, to say the least. I volunteered to do the emergency visit at 3pm which which seemed to surprise everyone  - because it was over 30 miles away. From the office mind you, it was 60 back to my house. Didn't bother me though - I'm a WV visit nurse and since my record for one visit is 167 miles round trip 30 miles was a flash in the pan. The only thing that made me mad was this was the ONE day that I forgot my camera and I was heading into unknown territory. I GPSed it but couldn't find the house so I called and got the person's dad who steered me to the house over the phone. He was a chatty thing and didn't mind talking to me for 5 or 6 miles.  On the way back I slide sideways into Barnes and Nobles and got a knitting magazine, whoo hoo on my part.  Today I had to go to a luncheon at the local hospital in Stroudsburg. I dressed professionally and brought cards since I'm no longer there for the macaroni salad, am I? The only downside was the parking sucked bigtime. I didn't have time to shark around so I had to take the first (and only) spot I saw and was lucky to get that. Heels are not always a good thing. I've gotten very good at just going up to people, I might resemble a psychotic lemur when I do it, but I do it! And no, I don't think I actually think I look like a psychotic lemur, at least no one has backed away slowly yet. I also did another interview and am currently embroiled in a snafu, not of my making (thank goodness! It's always more fun when it's not your fault, isn't it?). Friday it's the Chamber Of Commerce monthly breakfast, I have plenty of cards ready to roll. In other news, I'm part of the way through the hood of the sweater, now that I've reached the last of it, its dragging away - mainly because that's very large amount of knitting . I guess I'd better get back to the sticks!

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