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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cooking With Gas

I got home late last night and pulled out one of my favorite pans to make a quick zucchini and tempeh dish - I find it rather interesting that I have cooking pots that I've paid close to $100 for when I was in my Calphalon Phase -where nothing less would do-and yet most of the ones I use every day range well under $20. My wok gets a workout at least twice a week, purchased in China town for a grand total of $7 (including the top), there's the frypan from Big Lots ($4), the iron pan which was actually part of a set that was long lost, the free pot picked up from under a stove in one of our houses, etc.  I guess you cook in what works and what fits - the wok and the iron pan I seasoned correctly according to my grandfather's instructions years ago and he was right, you do that once and you have the pan forever - nothing sticks to either one.  The other stuff does get used occasionally, sometimes I just use it to use it and then there are special pots which have one purpose in life, like the $90 chili pot. That's a lot for one pot but I've had it for years and it does it's job. I have to replace my rice cooker, now that little thing I've had for years and use once or twice a week and I've noticed it's taking longer and longer and the rice is getting wetter and wetter. It's another ten dollar item but I have to say I'm weirdly attached to the one I have.  The only issue I have at this point is the stove which is electric and I don't like. It seems to be pretty boffo at burning things when you aren't keeping a close eye on it. Our next house will have a gas stove, I just cannot get used to the electric at all.

Anyhoo, I was in my office the other day (I'm still navagating back and forth) and got a lot accomplished since it was pretty much only me for most of the day. My boss was there for part of the day to interview a PT which we still don't have. I have a list and have been just flat out calling them with our pay rate- I have no problem cutting to the chase and nothing else has worked. I'm ordering supplies today and have a few other things cooking as well. This job if nothing else has made me a bit braver, I have to talk to people I don't know all the time and even though I still hesitate at times, I make myself do it and it gets easier as I roll along. But not very easy.

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