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Saturday, April 18, 2009

They Wait..... yet another cinematic example of why white people should not mess around with Chinese ghosts - someone is going to take a hit for the team and it will be you. I'm  not sure what was more amusing - the fact that the heroine injected herself with poison on the say-so of someone she only met ONCE( and in a basement no less) or the ghost with one of her peepers poked out trolling behind everyone constantly and just making a general nuisance of herself. Why do they have to be so silent and miserable? Why not just say what the issue is and get on with it, instead of randomly appearing with a constipated look on your phantom face and hoping some hysterical blond will figure out that you were a worker in a sweatshop that was having an affair with your boss and you accidentally discovered it was just a front for shipping illegal bear bile to China and the boss's wife saw you peeping and she didn't like you anyhow so she gave you a big old whack with the hatchet which is how you lost your peeper in the first place.  I myself would just write a little ghost memo or something. Anyhoo, I went to the chamber of commerce breakfast the other morning - I had to stand up in front of a room and introduce myself and talk to people I don't know again - that seems to be my life lately. The breakfast was pretty good but I couldn't take as much as I wanted to because I was late and ended up sitting next to a very skinny blond person. She had two wee little pieces of melon and a grape on her plate that she was picking away at - I took fruit too and some eggs and that was it. Bastards. We are still looking for a physical therapist so I've been working on that with our communications dept - that's our biggest stumbling block at this point.  I've put up some fliers around town, the communications wasn't too hot on that (since they had to make the fliers) but if one PT or OT sees it, it will be worth the effort - I operate under the You Never Know way of living most days. It's worth a try. Ray is coming out this morning so I should be getting up and moving, his room still needs a little de-catting and I have to make up the bed. I'm still working away on the sweater, I have a paper cut on my right index finger which is the worst place for a knitter to have one. If I leave it open it hurts like crazy and the yarn gets caught on band aids so it's a quandary, isn't it?

The weather has taken a turn for the best, it really warmed up yesterday so hopefully the weekend will be nice for our running around. In other news David got a visit from the neighbor across the road - the minister has been getting nosy about his last name and stuff AND he got a postcard from the church. They are trying to claim him I think!

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