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Friday, April 24, 2009

Up All Night

Well, technically I did get about 3 hours of sleep, but I've been up since about 1 so I might as well have not slept at all. I am not a good insomniac I'm afraid, I can't get up and do something useful like some people do. I just lie there and fret, peeking at the clock and sighing with discouragement as the hours go by.  I finally got up and went in the guest room as I was just flopping around - Pearl of course decided to keep me company and promptly commenced the Bed Hogging. This didn't help in the least. Now I have a full day of being half awake - that's the part I really don't like, you just feel tired and out of it for the day.  We're busy bees these days, a lot going on at all times. We continue our search for a house and this one is going on the market this week.  In between it's work and a steady stream of houseguests, but I don't mind. In WV we barely saw anyone - now we see everyone.  I'm continuing to work on the sweater, I'm halfway through the hood and I might sew up the seams this weekend just so it will finally look like a real sweater. David and I continue to work on the budget, we do need to keep better track of what we spent. Part of the problem is with the debit card you tend not keep a good eye on your balance. The thing I miss about the checkbook is when you wrote checks for everything or had to do a withdrawal, you were always aware of your balance and how much you were spending.  I think before we started with the debit card we shopped less  and kept better records. We were going over the gas for the cars and since we both travel around it's hard to tell who got gas where and if we were charged double - or did we just get gas at the same time? So we're now going to start keeping better track and getting reciepts so at the end of the month we're not trying to figure out any mystery charges.

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