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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out For The Count

I love my GPS - everyone knows this, it's what enabled me to be a visit nurse in unfamiliar territory and keeps me from ending up in Ohio. But every once in awhile the GPS  will be mean to you since it knows where it is and you don't. Yesterday was one of those days. All I wanted was a stinkin knitting magazine to sit with after dinner. So I put in the address of Borders after I left work  for the shortest distance. Holy Crap. I must've hit every stop sign and red light. It took me up hills and down, we managed to hit some of the worst roads in Scranton, traffic, construction, urban sprawl.  And I do mean EVERY traffic light and they were all red to boot. I tried re-routing and it only got worse, I finally gave in - we all know who the boss is in my car and it's not me. I reached the bookstore by 6 or so and was back home by 7. This was all exacerbated by the fact I was working on about 2 hours of sleep after an 11 hour day  so I was pretty punked out last night. I hit the pillows around 8:30 and passed out immediately - I don't think I moved all night.  But I feel much better this morning - I hate that half awake feeling you get when you don't have enough sleep and yesterday by five I was giving out. The weather this weekend is supposed to be very nice, Pearl and I have already been out and it's warm even with the sun not up so maybe I'll be brave and get out some short sleeved shirts!

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