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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Yes, I did turn 48 yesterday - it was a good thing as I FINALLY got my yarn swift which came from Knit and Pearls in East Stroudsburg. It's a very nice one and I'll post pictures of it this weekend. They're weirdly expensive - I have no idea why but they are. David bought me a nice heavy maple one that I will be able to pass down generation to generation. That way they can all stand around a hundred years from now and wonder What The Hell Is That Thing. We have, for once, nothing on the boards this weekend which I'm looking forward to. I love having guests but once in awhile, it's nice just having the time to sit around and watch scary movies, one of my all time favorite things to do. Last weekend we watched See No Evil in which the Mean Person spent a lot of time picking everyone's eyes out and hoarding them in jars. The best part was he had a very dirty finger with a ragged nail that he used as his Eye Picker. There was also a meat hook involved which didn't make sense as he lived in a hotel - why would you have a meat hook? But he was pretty crafty with it, so I guess it's alright.  There were only a couple survivors and his mother of course was a twisted little thing - it always comes back to that, doesn't it? Anyhoo, I'm in the last stretch in the knitting dept, another inch and a half and I'm done with the hood of the sweater, then it's just the edging and it goes sailing off to the other side of the country, just in time for summer in Oregon. Timing is everything.

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connie said...

which of your boys is taking up knitting as you are planning on passing the yarn swifter down?? I nominate Kirby for the passing on thing!!