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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pocono Brewing Company

Well, yesterday we didn't see the Indians AGAIN and this time it was due to David. Ray arrived about 10 am and right before we were ready to leave David found a house he wanted to look at in Saylorsburg despite making a lot of noise the last time we did this about NEVER taking me to look at a house again, etc... Well, he did it anyhow and got what he deserved because it turned out the house was almost 30 miles from the Indian museum, we got caught in a terrible traffic jam and Harry called to let David know the house had been temporarily taken off the market to boot, so there. Needless to say I was a little (a lot) crabby and we ended up skipping the museum and went to AC Moores and Borders which is always fun since I had printed up coupons for Ray and myself. At least we didn't have to skip the last activity which was going to the Pocono Brewing Company, I knew David and Ray would love that. I'd been there before but they hadn't - they have really exceptional food and a zillion and a half kind of beers of course, the beer list takes up a couple of pages on it's own. They no longer carry the Portobello Burger - that I found very disappointing. Given the way I feel about mushrooms (Donna is absolutely NO danger of my sneaking around her yard for those morels!) that portobello burger was amazing. They marinated it in some sort of balsamic dressing and grilled it I think, I tried to reproduce it but failed miserably. I ended up having a Reuben sans the meat and we had Black Forest Cake for dessert. I'm not sure what we're doing today, I think the grocery shopping and out for an early dinner most likely - the weather is holding up beautifully but it's still a bit cold. When it gets warmer we'll be heading up to Bushkill Falls as it's closer than I thought it was but it's still too cold to be wandering about the woods. 

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