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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, It Did Snow. Dammit.

Why yes, it DID snow a bit yesterday. It  didn't snow a lot mind you, but with Easter right around the corner you would think it would stop. And it's not so much the snow but the fact it's back to being very cold, I refuse to start wearing my coat again though. It's the big wool sweater or the big wool sweater, nothing else will do. David has been taking up the rug for the past two days and trucking all the furniture into the kitchen as the new rug finally was installed yesterday. The cats are celebrating by barfing, they haven't hit the new carpet yet but are working towards it. Pearl enjoyed it of course, she is an Equal Opportunity Hostess and David didn't mention whether they enjoyed her efforts or not.  I'll post the pictures of the new rug tomorrow. We're busy getting ready for my mom and Fred to make a guest star appearance for the weekend, Pearl of course will be in charge of Random Entertainment and Claw will hide under the bed secretly despising the guests for putting her out of the guest room. Work has been especially rough, the honeymoon is over and I'm seriously questioning whether I made a mistake or not. Par for the course. 

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Donna said...

We got the cold weather, but no snow thank goodness. I think everybody is ready for spring-like temperatures.