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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Peep

Happy Easter everyone! We had a nice holiday up here despite the temps staying down and the wind blowing a gazillion miles an hour.  We made a big Easter Breakfast of eggs and bacon for everyone  and  lots of  coffee. Fred headed out first since we don't have the good fortune to live right across the road from the Cat-Licker Church so he had to drive into town.  He thought the service started at 8:30 but it actually started at 8 am so it was a short and breezy service for some people.  Mom got to dawdle about most of the morning because not only did the Protester's service start nine-ish,  we do indeed live right across the road from the church so she literally walked down our drive, crossed the road and BANG there she was.  At 8:55 David decided to also take advantage of the proximity so he also went scampering across the road to the Big House with the Bonging Bell.  Being a heathen has it's bright side as I was only obligated to sit out in the yard with Miss Pants, also a heathen and read a book until the Holy Gang got home.   We did the deviled eggs thing and everyone has been horsing down candy right and left since we have enough to send at least an army into a sugar-glazed haze.  David and Fred went out for a Sunday drive so they could yammer some more I suppose and did a quick run at the supermarket for the few forgotten things. I'll put up pictures of dinner tomorrow but we did the whole nine yards, turkey was  the meat that was voted in (ham was vetoed right off the bat),  mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, on and on. We're currently sitting and digesting with dessert on the horizon - it's been a fun day. 

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