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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday And Other Sundry Items

Mom and Fred made it here with good time, they hit a little traffic around the Tappen  Z Bridge but nothing spectacular. As you can see Pearl is in full hostess mode,  making sure the guests feel welcome and sharing her time equally. My mother provided her own birthday cake, it's a Marie Anntoinette Cake from Tates in Southampton and is beyond good. It's hard to describe - the inside has vanilla, some strawberry and a layer of fudge, there's almond in the icing - you'll never get the recipe anyhow so quit worrying about it. I happen to know Kathleen locks her recipes up, at least she used to when I worked for her as a cake decorater years ago when her bakery was Kathleen's instead of Tates.  I worked there for a few years and have very fond memories of that time, especially doing the wedding cakes. I still have my equipment in the basement, dragging it from house to house as I know someday I'll get back to it. I digress.  David also managed to find a candle holder that plays a rather hilariously screechy version of "Happy Birthday" - Mom and Fred got a great kick out of it, Fred declared it was Very Tacky and they are taking home for the grandchildren. It was pretty funny, I have no idea where he finds these things. 

I of course gave my mom birthday presents and she gave me my present early - it's that black necklace up in the corner. She had  a pair of glass earrings from my Grandfather's mother's - mother in law made into a necklace for me!, the earring is the bottom part and is well over a hundred years old, neat, isn't it?  We spent the rest of the evening sitting and talking, Pearl was into the Hostessing and my mother and Fred have wisely bolted their door so they didn't get hostessed at 3 am. 
Everyone slept well I hope and we will be off adventuring today, I'm bringing my mom and Fred to the Pocono Indian Museum and then from there who knows!  I've been doing a bit of exploring with my two trips to Wilkes-Barre which were actually two trips to Barnes and Nobles, whoo hoo as they say. We have Easter dinner all bought and stuff, David bought a turkey so I'll be wrestling with that tomorrow even though tofu is much easier to wrangle Fred was not happy with that choice. Hmm.

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