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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll Be In My handbasket If You Need Me.

Yes, everything is rapidly going to hell, part of it is just me of course. People that know me well know I take the occasional ride down -  I come up again but sometimes it takes longer than others. And then I do tend to make my own troubles, I make mountains out of molehills, I can whip up my own personal frenzy likes nobody's business. David swears I believe if I worry about stuff it won't  happen, that I'll be able to stave off the direst of straits just by doing a reverse Peter Pan - and what's even worse - I do believe that!  So Pearl and I are parked on the couch watching Van Helsing for the umpteenth time, followed by the Day After Tomorrow for the umpteenth time. I COULD go find Sixteen Candles and watch that for the millionth umpteenth time but I'm just not in the mood right now. In other news the weather finally cleared up and Pearl has been out a zillion times chasing her rubber chicken and the stinky green rubber bone that she keeps trying to sneak in the house.  I've also been working on the sweater that is taking a million billion years due to all the cabling but we have hit the light at the end of the tunnel.  It has two - count 'em! - sleeves and even has a home - Kim was  the first to ask so first come first serve. 

You have to be quick when the item is not oversized, strange or neon orange, don't you? I've got work tomorrow, this time of year it's hard - by the time I get home and everything, the day is gone.

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