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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Never Too Early To Start On The Easter Candy

David went way overbought on the Easter candy, I have no idea who he thought he was buying it for. He bought a HUGE-O bunch, you name it ,we gots it. Oh well, it keeps. Well, everything but the peeps but so I'd better get started getting rid of them (I already got rid of one pack..)  We did not go see the Pocono Indian Museum because of Harry. He wanted to show David  a house so Fred was given the option of either doing the museum and then shopping afterwards with the girls or gallivanting around with Harry and David in Saylorsburg looking at someone else's house which is always  fun in a nosy sort of way  - he opted for the gallivanting. So Mom and I headed off to the outlets, Mom didn't see anything but I got a couple more outfits for work.  We looked and we poked, we went to a candle outlet. Everyone was  back in the mid afternoon and were just thinking about out to dinner when we got another call from Harry wanting to show the house. Now.  So we did the Tornado Clean Up and were shooing everyone out the door when Elaine and our first looky - loos were heading up the walkway. Elaine told us to stay so Fred was back on the couch watching the game, David was pointing out the highlights of the homestead and me and Miss Pants were out in the back field, away from the hulabaloo.  After that we went to the little local diner down the road - I was feeling french so I had the Boo- Fey. We're now eating Easter Candy and watching Banned From The Bible as no one was too interested in the Ten Commandments even if it is the one with Charlton Heston the hottest Moses in town. 


Donna said...

Julia, for an idea of our property (42 acres), go here:

Donna said...

Hey, I did a new entry just for you showing a Google Earth image of our property.