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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes It Snowed AGAIN. Dammit Dammit.

I only posted one picture of the new rug, spanky isn't it? The cat would have liked to vomit on it but has been threatened so she'll have to secretly puke when we go out. Not much going on, the snow we got this morning somehow managed to melt although it's still way cold and stuff. Bastards. I got up early and did a bit of cleaning , David did the shopping and has finished installing the base board. Pearl is busy planning (plotting) her Hostessing Tactics and Evasive Manuvers for the weekend. Work has gotten a tiny bit less stressful, but only for the moment I suppose. The bright spot was dropping off paperwork at Kinkos in Wilkes Barre because I've never  been in Wilkes- Barre AND it was right across the road from AC Moores and Barnes and Nobles. I haven't been in a Barnes and Noble in forever so that was fun - and even better yet I have to go back again tomorrow to pick my stuff up! Whoo hoo!

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