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Saturday, April 4, 2009

We All Know What Rolls Downhill

Sigh, things were rolling along just fine and then they took me off orientation so it's back to the drawing board and back for a little more orientation. It's not all bad but it's frustrating and I have to keep reminding myself that one of the reasons I decided to pursue this was to see if I COULD do this,. I've wanted to and talked about doing a management job so I need to step back and see how if the idea is that much different than the reality. And maybe give it a bit longer than a month. But I'm off for the weekend so I have time to regroup. Anyhoo, my mom and Fred will be heading this way for the holidays next week, I have to scout out a good Cat-Licker place for Fred, my mother can just go skipping across the road (we can even make her walk!) to the church there. They ring that bell EVERY Sunday at 9 am - but I suppose being a Getting Along With Others means not tapping on the door and asking if they can hold off on the Bell Ringing until 11-ish, not to mention it probably won't do any good. Sigh, the things I do to  be a Good Neighbor.  Today we headed out to do some shopping and get my oil changed, we ended up at the oil place for well over an hour due to the fact my oil pan was looking a bit precarious. I love when the mechanic comes out and starts blathering about pans and gaskets and I'm forced to sit there pretending it's not only understandable but interesting - inside all I can think is two things - how long and how much. David enjoyed the little mechanical chat and he parlayed back with bolts and leaks.  So they changed whatever it was, all I know is it was an hour or so and about $100 - thank goodness I brought my book!  We went to Borders and they are not only having a CD sale but one that I've been looking for - they had one copy. So I got a Buddist chant cd for $9, not bad! I had a coupon for AC Moores and got a booklet on doily knitting for $3 - I hate them on Saturday as there's two things I can  count on - it will be crowded and they'll have only two cashiers so the line is insane. After that off to Wegmans to stock up on all the things I can't find anywhere else and then back home. The weather this weekend is crappy - o - so, rainy and wet. Pearl alternately wants OUT and then is snuggling hard since she's cold. At the moment we're watching The Rock Of Love Bus - we are down to four and I agree with Mindy, Taya should be quiet. She appears to be a bit short in the smarts department but on the other hand she has an amazing rack so I guess we can forgive her for that. Mindy is crying because she REALLY cares about Bret and she thinks that Beverly is just in love with being in love with a rock star and she's afraid that when Bret really needs her to show some emotion she''ll hold back because she's in such a vulnerable can you NOT love this show?? The last picture down here is a screen door I saw and I really loved - it was so shiny and the pinky door really sets  the tone, don't you think? I really loved this door and wished it was mine with all my heart. Still do.

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connie said...

Just hang in there and do not give up. You`ll get the routine.