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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Scale Must Be Wrong

Yes, I'm afraid it's that time of the year, somewhere between Christmas Candy and Easter Rabbits I gained weight. It's a yearly event and you would think I would be able to control myself, but no. It's not really the easter candy that does it, it just adds a little extra umph to what's already there. At work they're starting a Weight Watchers group, but I'll be in Stroudsburg so I really can't join it. I have, however been investigating the online Weight Watchers and I think that might be the way to go. I just don't have time to attend a weekly meeting along with all of the other things I currently have on my plate. Yesterday was shopping day, We did AC Moores and Borders again, Ray is collecting some DVD detective series and Borders is having a 50% off sale, not to mention we always have a coupon. We also went to the used furniture store, what a disappointment, someone has jacked the prices in there shamelessly - I know because a table we'd looked at a month ago for $60 was now repriced at $150! (I wouldn't buy it at that price either, it needs repair and is not quite old enough to be a true antique), that will be our last trip in there. We did Wegmans and Sam's club, we're replacing all of the junk food with fruit and stuff - David swears they put some sort of addictive drug in Ring Dings, seems like it, doesn't it? I'll get on a kick with that stuff and it's awfully hard to stop eating it, I'm forever one more day, this is the last time, after this box is gone that's it, etc... and then I go and buy one more box.  We went out to dinner at the italian place in town, we usually end up there because it's too far to drive anywhere else and we like it there. The food is good and the staff is nice. We watched movies last night, Transporter 2 was on, I love those movies - everyone is getting chased and blown up. And now I have to get started - work is calling.


Donna said...

Before you sign up for weightwatchers, check out It's free, and you can keep track of your calories and exercise just like weightwatchers.

connie said...

yes - the scale. According to Fred our scale is wrong also!!!

Dad said...

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