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Thursday, May 25, 2006

All In A Day's Work.

 I was showing my boss some of the pictures I've taken in my travels and thought maybe it was not a good idea because it looks sort of like I don't work. I do take alot of pictures, don't I? My co-workers are sometimes surprised  because they've lived here thier whole lives and have no idea where half of this stuff is. But I think the big advantage I have is I did NOT grow up here so I find everything interesting, not to mention I'm always on the lookout for something new. On my way home the other day I decided to go to Bobtown which was only a mile out of my way. I found an abandoned coal factory sort of thing, it was very interesting. I blithely passed by the No Tresspassing sign and peeked in the front buildings. I started to wander past the next set of buildings to the ones in the back when I thought of all the graffitti and then had a rather unsettling realization when I got back there - I might not be alone. Since there's nothing in the surrounding area I stayed up in the front, even though I doubt anyone is there you never know. We still have no pool liner, the frogs are growing like weeds, sigh. I consider dumping bleach in it as a stop gap measure then get overwhelmed by the fact I will single handedly be responsible for a Frog Holocust - even though when they do get to the pool the tadpoles will die anyhow, but let it be on thier karma, not mine. Work has been busy, too busy at times. And then to add into the mix is the patient that decides to go out and leaves me high and dry. In a more urban area that's not a big deal - here I can drive 60 miles only to discover no one is home. On the upside it leaves more time for picture taking!!

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