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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Watch Out

Yes it's true - we finally got our stuff together and Jackson is now an official Person With A Permit. He was quite thrilled as you can guess and is eager to get on the road. I told him I would take him early on Saturday while there's no traffic - most of the roads here have no shoulders and there's no where to pull over if someone is behind you.  David took him once already and has mentioned it's been a long time since we've had a teenage driver in the house and we are probably too old for this.  I'm back to work and already slated for extra jobs on Friday, I guess it's better to have extra work than no work. Pearl is a pest with the going out - yesterday she was busy whining at the door every 10 minutes but most of the time she just wants to play. I bought yarn - on clearance I might add - but since it was bought with Birthday Money it doesn't count as officially buying yarn, it's sort of a freebie sort of thing.  At Barnes and Nobles they were having a sale on craft books so I got three knitting books at a 50% discount to add to my collection. David is busy dismantling the downstairs bathroom, he is desparate for a "real bathtub" so he's removed the one in there and will be replacing it with a clawfoot. That's not that expensive, you can buy them used around here for about $60 and the bathroom needs to be retiled anyhow- the house must've settled and the floor tiles are cracked so he'd planned on replacing them.

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