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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Driving Me Crazy

Pearl continues of course to grow and has become a full fledged crazy vizsla. We take her out with us everytime we go trying to burn off some of that boundless energy - David has a lull in work so he's been taking her out all day while he works on the house and yard and she just romps endlessly. All of her toys have been gutted except one, as I'm typing I'm throwing her dead teddy bear for her.This is all compounded by Charger getting to that age where he just wants to be petted occasionally and then left ALONE. David and I have really painted ourselves into a corner since when he passes on I don't think Pearl will take well to being alone all day. David mentioned the other day about possibly getting another dog after Charger and I just groaned, first we were going to have no dogs when they went, then one dog and here we are back to two again. I suppose I could take a stand on the cats  but they aren't going anywhere anytime soon as far as I can see. I took Jackson driving for a couple of hours yesterday which he enjoyed a great deal. I took him up eighth street in town to practice the hills - the rolling back thing freaks him out and here you have to deal with it all the time so we stopped and started all the way up. THEN we did the highway, that's a bit daunting as the speed limit here is 70 so everyone of course goes 80 and 90. And that is way too fast for a beginner so I took him out early while the traffic was light (of course the term "light traffic" is relative, here "heavy traffic" is about 6 cars and a couple tractor trailers) - we stayed in the slow lane and did about 65 and he did well there, we are going out again today.

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