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Monday, May 8, 2006

Where there's Smoke....

In case anyone is wondering, the pine trees our neighbor is currently burning were all about 20 feet high and he had four of them. We have a big pile but have not done anything with it as of yet, David goes back and forth trying to decide if he should burn it or rent a wood chipper for the day. And of course, I got my firepit FINALLY yesterday. This would probably be because today is David's birthday and he would like money for his birthday and I've been threatening to buy him a firepit. I've been using the arguement since we got the teak outdoor set for "me" even though I had not asked for it and it appeared to something that someone else who will not be mentioned really liked, that would make it fair for me to buy a firepit for him. So my firepit is currently sitting in the front yard. Jackson has been driving a lot, David had him drive all the way home from Becky's last night and just about everytime we go out, Jackson is driving. He pulls over when he doesn't feel comfortable or it's getting overwhelming and that's ok - we keep telling him he's only been driving for 4 days and it takes time.

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