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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tiptoe Through The Tombstones With Me...

I've passed this graveyard multiple times but couldn't figure out how to get up there, but this time I pulled over across the road and realized there's a small paved road that goes backwards up the hill. When I got to the top the gate was shut, which was disappointing, going over a fence after it's rained can be a bit messy. (NOT THAT I'VE EVER SQUEEZED PAST A FENCE, THAT WOULD BE TRESSPASSING....) but then I realized it was just latched shut and a bit rusty. A bit a jiggling did the trick and I was in!! I have to go back of course, it was the coolest one I've seen yet, All of these big mossy gravestones, the one with the angels was about 4 feet high. I did get startled by a loud "Booooooooo" but the second time it happened I realized it was not a "boo" I was hearing - it was a "Moo" - there's a cow pasture right next to the graveyard. And they were real cows, not ghost cows. Jackson was envious of course. Jackson drove last night when I went and got him from Becky's, we went to Barnes and Nobles. When we were leaving I looked across at my car and noticed the gas cover was open! Some BASTARD stole my gas cap, can you believe it? I was afraid I'd been siphoned too and then when we got to the car I saw it wasn't locked! I almost had a heart attack since I have all that medical equipment, my GPS, etc but on closer inspection saw the thief must've popped the gas cap door with a key or something. I always lock my car but since Jackson was driving when he handed me the keys I didn't even think about it. I bought a new cap on the way home - no, I didn't report it, nothing aside from the cap was missing and I wasn't doing all that work for a $7 cap. But I will be making sure my car is locked before I walk away from it from now on!!

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pandorasbazaar said...

Oh and I am so envious! I love visiting these old graveyards. It IS fascinating and eerily beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.