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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Holiday? What Holiday?

It's not much of a holiday for me I'm afraid - I have to work today and I have a pretty full schedule for Monday. My boss said to move the patients but I pointed out two problems with that - they're Monday labs so we can't move them and even if I could, where would I move them to? My roster is full these days - so I'll be working the holiday and we'll negotiate later. I drive so much I get my oil changed every three weeks it seems. I'm scouting for a new oil change place, the Jiffy Lube around here is good, but they have this horrible manager. Everytime I bring my car in he goes over the entire list of things he thinks I should have done. And yes, I've asked him to stop, have told him REPEATEDLY I only want my oil changed, etc to no avail. The last time was the last straw - I was trying to do paperwork and he just kept at it regardless so I think my business will be going to the place in Waynesburg where my boss goes. She said she doesn't go to the Jiffy Lube either because of that guy. Jackson is counting the days to the end of school, it's crunch time with finals coming up and he claims all the teachers have become slavedrivers. He's trying to figure out how to work the summer and when he's going to be able to go back to Long Island, who knows? I heard from Adam finally - he's back on dry land after all these months and I'm sure very happy about it.

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