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Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day here is very big, all the soldier's graves are decorated, even the ones from the 1800's. The local pools are all opened on this weekend -EXCEPT MINE OF COURSE. And I did dump a ton of bleach in the pool, tadpoles aside it was starting to smell and since it's right next to the house that is NOT a good thing. It killed the tadpoles but I don't think there were a lot of them yet and it's now a light green which I can live with for now. The problem is it needs to be both warm and sunny to put the liner in correctly (the warm weather makes it stretch flat) and we haven't had both things at the same time lately. David and I went ahead and cleaned up around the pool, cut the grass, weeded, got rid of the leaves so it looks nice at any rate. I took Jackson driving on Saturday, we went  down rt 7 to the cemetery so Jackson could get in some practice and go have a look-see for himself. He was surprised at some of the ages on the stones, I dont' think he realized how young people died back then - we found a row of a family that all were under the age of 20 and died within weeks of each other. We stopped by the Mason-Dixon park where I thought we might go to the museum but they were having a function there so we left. Pearl is getting big, isn't she? We've run into a problem of our own making - when we first got her we discovered she couldn't get down from our bed so we kept her there to housebreak her at night. She is now housebroken but now considers it the only place to sleep - it was fine when she weighed 9 lbs but now as we close in on 40 and still going - not to mention the recent hot weather - things are getting a bit crowded. Last night it was so hot, so David went to sleep in the guest room. I snuck into the guest room too leaving Pearl the Heating Unit on our bed. David got up to use the bathroom and the Heating Unit snuck into the guest room too. David snuck back into our room so I got ended up sleepng in the guest room with the dog. This has got to stop.

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