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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I See Dead People

As you can see, I was on the road all day, as I've said before, one of the reasons I like my job is the sightseeing and messing around part. I finally got a chance to stop in at the Mt. Pleasant graveyard, the graves at the base are fairly recent (1970's) but I knew from experience if you head to the back that's where you'll find the interesting stuff. This graveyard is very cool because it literally goes straight up, I can't imagine how they got the coffins up there! After a full day of driving I headed home for David's birthday - I gave him cash as requested, he would like to buy a big lawn tractor and has been on Ebay constantly. We went out to dinner at Bob Evans and then home for cake. Cake with three people is a odd thing, I like to buy one big enough to look like a birthday cake, but then we have way too much leftover. David usually pitches it because he can't stand it and then I yell at him for throwing out the cake. Jackson will have no interest in cake until it's either stale or thrown out, then he'll come looking for it. Birthday cakes have become traumatic. Jackson did all the driving yesterday, he even did a little highway with lanes and stop lights - and did pretty good. I let him drive to halfway to school yesterday - it was a good and bad thing. It was good for the experience but bad because I forgot at that hour of the morning the coal trucks are running - and running fast because they get paid by the load. Jackson did well, but I think was getting a little freaked after the 9th one came barrelling towards us - half the time they're going so fast around the curves they're on your side of the road and there's nowhere to go since the other side of the road is no shoulders and ditches filled with the run off from the mines. But he did well. He's a bit beaned because there a local election day here and he's off but we're both working full days today so he gets to spend the day with Pearl instead of Becky, too bad for him!

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mosie1944 said...

You've found some of my husband's relatives up there!  My last name is Wood.