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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Under Construction

I think when I saw the pilot truck heading in the other direction I knew I was in for a long morning. Pilot trucks are the ones that lead you through the construction areas, around here there are areas that a detour route is impossible - for instance route 7 is the only way to Kingwood and the surrounding towns and that in turn means the road is in full use during construction phases. So you have to wait for the truck to come your way - route 7 is particularly tricky due to the high coal truck traffic and of course this backs them up at the mines so it took me much longer to wend my way through. I got done early though and planned on getting to the office to catch up on paper work - as soon as I got there the hospital called to let me know I needed to redraw a CBC that had clotted ( and of course it was a  patient 37 miles away) and my Thursday guy needed to be  seen NOW since he had rearranged all his doctor's appointment. Today was an equal mess with a clotted off PICC line and the de-clotting thereof so there was no tiptoeing through the graveyard for me today. I'm hoping to get into the Ice's Cemetery tomorrow, cross your fingers or something. The whole week so far has sucked and it's only Tuesday. David has been steady chopping away at the wooded acres which I'm sure has the neighbors intrigued. I think they don't want us to sell it, some have hinted they'd like to buy it though for next to nothing. I don't think so. The only problem with selling it is someone will build on it and what if I don't like them or something? I did also get to take a picture of a bunch of sheep which was fun except when they all got upset and started collectively yelling for thier mother - the whole group started Baa-ing and they're VERY loud. You would be surprised. I'm not sure what they're officially called - a herd? A flock? A fluff? All I know is they are way noisier than I thought they would be.

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