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Friday, May 19, 2006

They Are Really Gone!

I find it somewhat amusing that I spent most of my life in a resort area where the locals spend most of the summer waiting for "them" to go home - the whole place is overwhelmed with drunken lost tourists. Here, we wait for "them" - the drunken lost college students - to go home for the summer so we can move about freely and enjoy the area. Same old, same old, just different seasons and different drunk people. I've never been in town Saturday night when college is in session due to the warnings from the locals - like the Hamptons there's a bar on every corner and plenty of business to keep it hopping. But they all left a week or so ago, you can tell when school is over by the trashbags piled up in front of the houses in town. Now it'll be quiet until the end of August and we'll be back to square one. I still have my gas cap in case anyone is wondering , I've been keeping an eagle eye on it, dammit.

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