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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A New Toy For David

David has become quite the cyber shopper and frequent visitor of Ebay. He's been looking for a mower for the past month and found this at a very reasonable price. The guy selling it lives in Beckley so they agreed to meet halfway in Flatwood. David needed a trailer to bring it home and one of the neighbors lent him one - David offered to pay him but he refused saying that's what neighbors are for. David gave him the ATV snowplow we had that was left by the former owners of the house so everyone made out well in the deal.The guy also sold him a parts mower but knowing David he'll just mess around with it til it runs and then sell it.  David's pretending this was all necessary, blahblahblah but he's been busying mowing the lawn since he got it inbetween the rain showers and has already tinkered with it. . And we've been having very frequent rain showers lately. West Virginia is starting to look like a jungle, just when you thought it couldn't get any greener - it always amazes me how beautiful it is around here. Speaking of green - we still don't have the pool liner, I don't even look in that direction anymore. It's supposed to be in sometime next week and then they schedule us for the installation - I can't wait. The frogs are deafening at night but I hate treating water I know is going to be pumped out in a couple of weeks anyhow. Pearl continues to harass Vincent, we can't figure out why he won't give her what for - whether he's too scared to fight or if he enjoys it. He certainly doesn't look like he's enjoying it, but I don't think he's afraid of her, he's never been afraid of our other dogs. By the way, all that nonsense about pet owners being calmer and living longer, lower blood pressure, etc... I don't believe it for a minute. Given all the time I spend lately on keeping Pearl off of Vincent, Charger out of Pearl's bowl, Vincent from attacking Claw in the litter pan, Mr. Lee from attacking Pearl, etc I have to say none of that makes me feel any calmer. Whoever came up with that crap was just probably trying to convince someone to take thier bad cat.

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