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Monday, May 22, 2006

Is It Monday Already?

We had our friends Susan and Roger over for dinner last night - we decided to BBQ so of course the storm clouds rolled in and took up residence over the deck. They did clear out before they got here but then the wind took over and I moved it in to the dining room since the idea of sitting below the flailing umbrella just didn't seem attractive.The animals behaved as best they could - Pearl only performed the Flying Vizsla once for Roger (boy was he surprised) and Mr. Lee took a stroll across the table a couple of times which didn't bother anyone since they own a few cats themselves. Vincent made a brief appearance, he's leery of strangers so he's sort of a guest star type of cat. Susan brought porter house steaks - from the cows they have that were butchered last fall, I think she said her Dad does the butchering. David and Jackson were quite taken with her I think, anyone who brings steak is ok - they're both a lot of fun so we all had a good time. After they left David took Pearl out and she found something quite Stinky and Dead to roll in so she got her first bath which she didnt seem to enjoy. David called the pool guy last week - the liner came in but now we have to wait for good weather for it to be installed and of course since we had all this rain everyone has been pushed back. So the Frog Saga continues.

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