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Friday, May 5, 2006

Tripping The Light Fantastic

West Virginia has greened up to an amazing degree. It's so green now it doesn't look real and it takes me forever to get from job to job as I'm sightseeing and rubbernecking like crazy all day. There are times when I come up over a hill and it's jawdropping. David on the other hand is a bit less impressed as he was mowing the lawn for the FOURTH TIME and the Wonder of Nature has lost it's luster for him. He's hoping it will all burn up ASAP. Speaking of burning ,our neighbor down the road cut down 4 big pines trees after we thought he was done - he burns every night and since it's fresh pine the smoke clouds are huge. I was all set to call the fire dept when I realized it was him. Again. Pearl continues to be a pest, but I've got to admit we're at fault most of the time - she's very cute and more than a bit spoiled. David took Jackson driving again yesterday, he let Jackson drive to Vance's down the road and back and said he did pretty well. I'll be taking him this weekend, I think he'll have his permit for awhile before we even think about the license. The college students leave this week so that will help alot.

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