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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Frog Spa Is Open For Business

I put an old picture of Jackson and Pearl-ine (that's her redneck name) because I will NOT put up a picture of the pool which is majory greeny and disgusting. I called the pool guy Mike who informed me the liner would be MADE in two weeks, not here and then it would be a few more days before they put it in. I informed him about the Frog Situation, which while not an Emergency yet, is a bit Distressing and So Forth. Rather than joining me in having vapors he found the whole thing amusing and informed me all those frog legs would be coming cheap to me. So, I'm stuck with Tadpoles R Us for a couple more weeks at any rate. Pearl is being a pest today, she's been out around 406 times today and the one time I refused her she did her Business in the Foyer in a rather unlady like manner. I've got to get moving, I have a half day today but it's the later half which is nice as I can potter around all morning. The not so nice part is if you potter round all morning you think you have way more time than you really do and end up sprinting and being late. Since I have to be out the door in 25 minutes and am not dressed, have no makeup on, no paperwork done and I'm writing in my journal chances are very good I will be sprinting shortly.

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