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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tomb With A View

Yes, we are back at Mt Pleasant Cemetary - but it was such a beautiful day yesterday I had to  stop and take pictures. I hiked all the way to the top again - this time I noticed the turn around - for CARS - but I need the exercise anyhow. Yesterday was my half day which I'm currently fighting to keep it a half day, we are adding more patients and as you know, alot of them are pretty far. Yesterday I had two patients and drove 90 miles. And of course everything can get thrown for a loop when one patient has a problem. I've found I have a population of patients that will not call the doctor and wait for the nurse because they're afraid they'll have to go back to the hospital, the cardiac patients being the worst offenders. The sad part is that if they had called earlier all the trauma and anxiety could've easily been avoided with a simple medication.  But I did make it home by noon and yes, everything is hunky-dory with my patient who hopefully has learned her lesson. David came home early too and we went out shopping - I did buy mother's day presents for pertinent parties but they will all have to wait as I doubt I'll be near a post office soon. I told David just to take me out to lunch - we've had birthdays and there's nothing I need at the moment. We picked Jackson up from Becky's and yes, he drove again, this time through town with other people and everything. David finally bought that big iron tub he saw at Bubba's - $60 and once he cleaned it up, perfect condition. He has to retile the floor in the downstairs bath, the tiles had cracked over the years. He's also buying a bigger mower, our little John Deere just isn't going to cut it this year (no pun intended).

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mosie1944 said...

AWESOME pictures!