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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Hand Over The Cheese And No One Gets Hurt

Pearl was doing really well training wise -  but now for the past two days she seems to have forgotten herself or simply is interpreting what we say in her own way. For some reason the command "Come"  is heard as "Well, if you have some time today or you're done sniffing the old tarp in the woodpile, do you think you could maybe swing by here". AND she has what appears to be a tooth mark on her back. And more mysteriously it appears to be the same size as CHARGER'S TEETH. Apparently she didn't understand the warning growl at some point during the day yesterday. We have asked the zoo not to attack her as she's a rather expensive pet, but as far as they're concerned it didn't come out of thier wallets, not to mention the fact that if they did have money I doubt they would've spent it on her. Jackson's been driving daily, today we not only did the roads, but braved the intersection near Sheetz. He was alright until we got into the parking lot, then got overwhelmed as Sheetz on Saturday is not for the faint of heart. I can see it's a bit daunting to drive around here, we have to keep reminding him just stay on the road even when the coal trucks are barrelling towards you and to slow down on the curves as you slide on the gravel shoulders - if there is a shoulder at all. We went to Sam's Club today (David drove, Jackson is NO way ready for the highway!) and I spent my birthday money on a couple of knitting books and needles from The Nest. David's busy making plans for the house, he's looking for a used clawfoot tub with a yadayada base, so it could be awhile. He was talking about some project before but I told him he's got enough going on for now - don't start on the fence!! 

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