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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's A Crappy Barn, But It's Our Crappy Barn

David's been adding to his To Do roster, since we've added more mowers he's going to use the old barn for storage. It's not a great barn, I think it's very ugly personally and strange. It's perfectly square for some reason and aside from being red, looks more like an oversized shed. What David did was build two big doors on the side so he could get his mowers in and out easily and have somewhere to work on them. The front now looks nice, the sides remain thier crappy selves, he's planning on residing the side you can see from the driveway for now and down the road doing the rest. Pearl was having a great time but didn't like David going up on the ladder. He said she was crying and when she stopped he looked to see where she'd gotten to - there she was halfway up the ladder behind him! Jackson continues driving, we've been having rain though off and on so that's kind of curtailed it. I had a busy day yesterday, sometimes I think I should take him and let him do the driving on my visits, he'd be an expert in no time. Monday for me is lab day, 4 of my 5 patients had labs to be drawn and I was driving from one end to the other so I covered about 130 miles total. The only fun thing is my milage checks are pretty big at the end of the month. Ok, Ok, that's not the only fun thing - I admit it, I LIKE driving and I did (obviously) make time for picture taking. But I didn't have any time for tresspassing so that will have to wait until later in the week.

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