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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Vacation

Jackson is finally on vacation, as per him. He has been waiting for this all month and literally counting the days. I asked him what his plans were and he said to lay around all week - I thought that sounded boring but then he asked me "would YOU find that boring?". Hmm. I guess not. Today we're going shopping and out to dinner or a late lunch, with everyone off in all directions lately we just don't have time to do that anymore. Working full time has made me rearrange things, I still can't get over what a difference it is not having those two half days off a week. I didn't finish taking my personal time yesterday - the boss asked me not to as she hadn't been in the office and Susan was off for the day - so I'll be taking the last two hours of my leftover personal time next week sometime. And I was once again told no more hoarding. Susan laughs about that because she said her personal time is usually gone the first two weeks. I had the new visit nurse with me yesterday, we're doing visits together on Monday and then she'll be out in the field on her own. We're still having a little turf war in the office separating the private duty end from the visit but we're getting there. After I get the 2nd nurse out in the field I'll only be out doing the occasional visit and infusion which means I'll be in the office pretty much full time. After I get the Morgantown office under control then I'll be spending half the week in Bridgeport and hanging out with them which I LOVE - they're really fun out there too! On the home front we've already started mowing the yard, I did the edges the David did the pastures - now for the back! He's starting a big job out in Blacksville, we're going over there Sunday for him to work out when he'll start and the people he's doing the job for are curious about me so I'll be tagging along to meet them. We might even drag Jackson along if we can get Mr. Vacation out of his bed!

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