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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, It's Inevitable

David and Ray went out to breakfast as what is currently being referred to as the "New New Place" down the road - it changes owners constantly, therefore it's always new. When Ray was here a couple of months ago we ate there, or tried to. Every time you ordered, they were out of it. Spinach omelet - no. cheese - no. Orange juice - no - oddly enough he went out of business.  We hung about for a few hours and then went to the early movie of The Watchmen which was very good and despite being a DC Comic is not for children.  There were an inordinate number of bodies and one of the main characters costume was nothing.  It was a pretty long movie too, over 2 hours I think so we did a pit stop at home and then headed out for dinner. Now, Ray and I were in favor of the italian place but David wanted to try this place Harry liked. I was not in favor as I am not crazy about french food (it tends to involved snails and overboiled things) but we try anything new. So we drove and drove a bit more - it was down a dirt road, WAY down a dirt road. Past trees and trailers, there on the left were two stone monuments and a very fancy sign for the French Manor, a bed and breakfast with Fine Dining. I refused to get out of the truck because we were not dressed for it at all  and I was right, tie and dress required. They did get menus - holy crow!, $25 for the privilege of eating snails floating in goo, no thank you! And I have to get dressed up for that??? If you wish to stay in the  suite, it's $340 a night but I have to say it would be worth it, they have a spectacular view and if the brochure does the rooms justice they are very fancy. But we were not looking for that so off we went to the place in town where there are no snails, just plenty of pasta and wine.

Ray is heading back this morning unless it rains hard, then he'll have to stay until it clears up enough for him to safely get home.  I have to get up and start getting ready for work, sometimes Monday comes a little too fast.

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