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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Nifty Swift!

For those of you not in the know, this is a yarn swift - a difficult to find and expensive item. And no, I don't know why they're so expensive because you can actually make a functional one out of a plastic Lazy Susan, 2 hangers, duct tape and paper plates (there's actually a tutorial site that shows you how). A cheap plastic one will run you between $30 and $40, the wooden ones can go for over a hundred. I've been very busy this week so it's been languishing on my dresser all week, silent and motionless. But it was finally Friday yesterday!

So, after a very long day at work I got one of my lace weight skeins and had at it - it worked perfectly and I wound the whole thing with no tangles at all. Not to mention it is a very attractive thing, isn't it? Work has been picking up, Friday was a free for all and I'm doing admissions this weekend - at this point we can't afford to turn anything down, staff or no staff. I hired the second part time PT - at one point during the interview I was being to wonder who was doing the interviewing! But both have home care experience and that's what we need right now. I didn't get home until after 7, but I have today to lay around with the zoo, Claw has joined me in bed at the moment and we are watching How Clean Is Your House (we're a rather low key group in the am). Last night we watched Zombie Town which was so - so, the plot was pretty standard(snarling flesh eating zombies lurching about)  and the budget was low so it was a good thing to relax and unwind with.  I don't think I'm doing ANYTHING today - I should go shopping since I still have birthday money and more on my AC Moore gift card - I used it with a coupon so I still have a bit to go. AND AC Moore has a store card now that you acquire points on for a $10 gift certificate, the Yarn Hater was very excited about that. Not.  But I can always go tomorrow, my money will still be good and we're not going anywhere. 

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