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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Day In The Neighborhood

Pearl seems to be taking over every waking moment around here, isn't she? Yesterday was beautiful in the morning so we took her out to explore the property and she impressed David by pointing the cat (just for the record, the cat was not impressed). Jackson spent the day over Becky's house, he got a late start because we ran into our neighbor Velma and stopped to chat. I went for a 3 mile walk down rt 100, it's very nice to walk here because so far, no one lets thier dogs run loose. I think it's the same reason we don't - you would never find them again unless they got hit by a car. David and I have been discussing it and will probably put up an electric fence like we had in Hampton Bays. I was going to go walking again today, but it's decided to rain so I guess that's not going to happen.. The only other thing in the offing is Sam's Club today - we've been trying to eat up what we have and get rid of what we won't. I've gotten a little better at not buying things simply because they look like a good deal (quart of capers for instance) or buying a small size and making sure I'll like it  rather than getting stuck with a large amount of something that looked way better than it actually was(the above mentioned quart of capers).

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acarter00 said...

She is absolutley beautiful!!!!!