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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Fun And Games

I love President Bush, don't you? The latest about the Hurricane Katrina fiasco is priceless. WEEKS of warnings and meetings and he's still claiming he wasn't aware of how bad it was, along with all of his cronies. Apparently the oversight of an entire region being decimated was caused by "a fog of war". Hmm. I like that, perhaps that will be my new thing. ("I'm sorry I didn't clean out the litter box this week, you know, A Fog Of War and all.......) ANYWHOO, I had my half day yesterday and it was a real one so  I finally got a chance to stop in the historic graveyard of Gerard's Fort in Pa and visit the memorial site for Corbly massacure that occured in 1782. I do try and stop at sites when I get a chance and there's no lack of sites around here.  I was reading up on it and  the FAMILY of Pastor Corbly got whacked, not him. He apparently picked up his skirts and ran, the wife and kids(with the exception of one daughter) were the victims. You can read about it here -  I do enjoy the history around  here, it's odd to see things dated from the 1700's and there's historic signs all over which I love. They describe how towns got thier names, what some of the odd structures are, etc... I still have a busy week but it's gotten better and have negotiated that I'll have next Tuesday off. That's going to be good because I'll be able to spend another day with the PUPPY - I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing. Yesterday I went to Petco and bought puppy things, I even got bunny ears for Easter for her! We're picking her up at 10:30 on Saturday and Becky will be here bright and early Sunday to visit. We're not the only ones excited!

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