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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Don't You Wish This Was Yours?

Pearl has accumulated quite a collection of toys in the short time she's been here. Charger's enjoying it too - for the first time in his life there's an endless supply of rawhides that he could never have  since Copper had "ownership issues". We could never figure out why Copper got so territorial with them, it was the only thing he did get possessive about and  the fallout was Charger got none too. So Charger is now constantly chewing away and he's good with Pearl, so the world is his rawhide. We're still trying to figure out travel plans for everyone and how I'm going to deal with things here.Pearl is too small to spend 9 hours alone and I have three days that will have to be covered. I might take a day or two off which would be good  - since no one would be here but me I could really get some stuff done.I've been at my agency since July and have only used about 4 hours of vacation time and if I don't get it used up by the end of June I lose it. Eek. And that would still leave me two days or so left. I have a habit of hoarding my days in fear that if I need them I'll lose them and be frantically trying to take them off as the deadline nears.The other nurse had her last day on Friday which left a sea of calm in her wake. There's a new nurse there already and we have a back up for me at the Morgantown office. Sounds good to me.

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mosie1944 said...

Oh my, Sadie simply MUST have one of those squirrels!