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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Following The Path That Leads You Home

I've been doing a lot of traveling as you can tell from these pictures and the week is only half over. As I settle more into my job, I do have to say I enjoy it. I drive between 80 and 120 miles a day but it's all country roads and I've time to stop, take pictures and  do some exploring. Around here if there's a historical site they just plunk a sign explaining what you're looking at and everyone's free to come take a peek. I probably know this corner of the country better than some of the people that live here. And the people that live here! We're from all over the country - I've met more "city people" that I ever expected and more than you'd think from Long Island. I've met people from Texas, Chicago, New Jersey, pretty much everywhere. I stop in every little roadside store I find  - I can tell you where the best home made honey is or who has fresh eggs every day. The owners love to chat, business on the side of the highway in Bruceton Mills isn't too heavy even on the weekend so sometimes you serve as the customer and today's entertainment. People around here tend to be scary patriotic, a little backwards, not as prejudiced as you would think (but it's there) and occasionally too devout - but they are also very tolorent of thier neighbors, will help anyone out and are so kind at times you wonder what planet they came from. They're proud of thier history and families, thier towns and thier homes. Now that we're a bit more settled (for once!) I've met a couple of neighbors and there's someone at work I want to have over to the house. Things are, on the whole, pretty good this week.

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