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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Too Old For This

Poor Charger, all he wanted was his friend back and what he got was Pirahna Girl. She constantly wants to play puppy games which pretty much consist of biting and jumping. Charger likes to play - to an extent  - but not the one Pearl does. We were running everytime he growled at her but now let her take her lumps. Charger is very good with her, he lets Pearl know when he's had enough, but doesn't hurt her. On the news today they had a hilarious story out of Pittsburgh in which a SWAT team was called in, hundreds of people evacuated from office buildings and even the mayor showed up for a gunman spotted on the roof of one of the buildings. Turned out to someone from Fayette county brought a pellet gun to work to take potshots at pidgeons on his lunch break. The "gunman"s name is not being released on account of stupidity I suppose. I love living here. Jackson got his haircut yesterday, Becky and her mother take him to some salon over in Sabraton - as long as he does it I don't care who he goes with. Adam emailed me a couple of days ago, he's out to sea again, this time for a two month stint. David's mom is doing well, he spoke to her for a few minutes and she's sore and tired, but well. She's been having problems for awhile so the surgery should make her feel better

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